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Therapy for Women

Some women do so much for others that they often lose touch with themselves. The needs of others pull you in many directions, as do the multiple roles you play in your life: mother, daughter, sister, wife, bread winner, or career woman. 


Other women never have had an experience of being truly seen, heard, valued, and respected for who they are. The problem often develops from your early family relationships. As a result, you tend to find yourself in the same toxic or unfulfilling relationships over and over. 


I can help you with the most important relationship in your life and the foundation of all other relationships: your relationship with yourself. I have successfully helped many women in therapy overcome obstacles to a more rewarding and meaningful life.


I offer compassionate therapy for women for a variety of concerns and problems, including:




-Anxiety and worry


-Self-esteem and self-acceptance




-Career and family conflicts


-Traumatic experience





What about devoting some time to you and your needs?  Call me for an initial consultation to see if we might work well together.



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