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How Therapy Can Help

I use primarily a psychodynamic psychotherapy treatment approach, which is proven to be effective and to have lasting benefit for patients.

I also am also deeply influenced by Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices.


Together we will explore how you have developed and adapted over the course of your life. We will likely uncover patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating that may have served you at one time, but now block you from living with spontaneity and zest.


Throughout our work we will collaborate closely in order to craft and refine a therapy that meets your individual needs and goals. With increased understanding and self-awareness you can begin to move toward more meaningful and rewarding life choices.


Exploration of social and cultural influences can also be an important part of therapy, and I welcome working with you on issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of your identity.


Together we will create new possibilities for you!



© 2023 Jim Rosati, LMFT. Therapist and counselor serving Oakland, Berkeley and the East Bay.

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