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Therapy for Men

As men we are often reluctant to seek help because we are expected to be independent, decisive, and strong. While these traits can help us to solve problems and achieve results, they can also keep us cut off, isolated, and alone. We lose our sense of connection with others and ultimately our connection with ourselves.

Our roles as men are strongly conditioned by our fathers, our family history and our culture. I can help you identify and loosen these restrictive, life-robbing roles. I have helped many men begin to live with integrity, vitality, and heart, providing counsel in such areas as:


-Work and career problems


-Men and their fathers


-Emotional awareness and communication


-Difficulties in romantic and other close relationships


-Psychological roots of substance abuse


-Behavioral addictions, such as sex or porn


-Feelings of emptiness



If you would like to work with a male therapist who is honest, down-to-earth, and dedicated to your well-being as a man, then I could the right therapist for you. Why not call today?



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